Farmington home construction,
Farmington home remodeling

Farmington home construction

Many people are finding that they are starting a new chapter in life: perhaps their family size is increasing, or children are growing up and moving out, or perhaps it’s just time for a change. If you are considering Farmington home construction or Farmington home remodeling, JH Construction can help you with money saving tips and protect you from unnecessary costs and hassles.

Jayson Haskell, owner of JH Construction, can help guide you through the whole process of Farmington home construction, from choosing the right neighborhood and style of home, to using building materials and methods that will make your home a healthier place to live.

Farmington home remodeling

If you choose to stay where you’re at and just need to add on or up-date, JH Construction can help you with that, too. Perhaps it’s time to finish off that basement, or add a new addition to your existing space, or upgrade a bath or kitchen – we have you covered. No Farmington home remodeling project is too big or too small for JH Construction.

Protect your investment in Farmington home construction and Farmington home remodeling by giving JH Construction a call at 801.898.5513. Your home may just turn out to be even better than you ever imagined! We’re looking forward to your call.


“Jayson gave us a schedule right off the bat and they stayed on that schedule which I thought was miraculous. I’ve never worked with a better group of people. Every single subcontractor was excellent. I would recommend every one of them.”
Taunna Hoffman – Home remodel